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What it is…

Well, hello Internets!  This blog is in some ways long overdue and in others ways, perhaps I’m not even ready for it.  I’ve loved writing, loved words, loved telling stories for as long as I can remember.  I am an editor first and a writer second (Just ask any sad friend, family member or college roommate who ever asked me to edit their paper…I love me some red ink!) and thus, I’m opening this journey with a promise to myself that I won’t edit to death every post that goes up here, but rather, treat the whole thing as a work in progress.  Having said that, a few things you should know about me.

I’m married.  And married life is better than I ever thought it would be or could be.  Not in the roses-romance-poetry-and-candles way, but in the real, raw, ironic, organic way that keeps you from taking life too seriously and makes you appreciate the journey.  In the day-to-day interactions, (mis-) interpretations, and (mis-) understandings of life, I often ask my husband, Piop, “Why did you ___________” (Turn that on…turn that off….open that….close that…say that…think that…) and his ever-present response to me is, “Because I was TRYING to RUIN your LIFE!”  So far, he’s failed miserably.

I love (and will probably devote much content to):

– Workplace hilarity.  When I graduated from college, I somehow thought the world was going to roll out the red carpet and fall prostrate, screaming “We’re not worthy!!  We’re not worthy!!”  at the incredible talent and authority imbued to me by my bachelor’s degree.  Whelp.  I was wrong.  Here I am, pushing thirty, with an MBA and no lack of capability, and I still load the copier with paper and on occasion, load dirty coffee cups into the communal dishwasher. And, BTW, if my coworkers are reading, ARE YOUR ARMS BROKEN?!?!?  CAN’T YOU JUST PUT IT IN THE TOP TRAY!?!?

– College Football.  I love the crisp glory of a beautiful fall day.  I love tailgate food.  I love the drama of the preseason.  I love the countdown to the BCS bowl selection.  I love the stripping of titles and the exposure of scandal.  I love the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  On any given Saturday from August to December, I can be found hanging my hopes on the shoulders of 19-year-old boys.  It is insanity.  And I cannot help myself.

– Home repairs and renovations.  I enjoy them. Particularly the ones that I don’t know how to do.  Like, for instance, fixing toilets by taking them apart.  And making a bathroom vanity out of a desk.  And building a desk out of a door that I got for $17.50 at the Habitat re-Store.  Also in this category are “eye-rolls-and-meaningful-sighs-of-my-sweet-husband-who-prays-to-Jesus-that-his-wife-would-just-buy-it-at-IKEA-like-a-normal-person.”

– Local news.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.  The more “dramatic” the better.

– My dog.  My husband and I adopted Remi in March of 2011.  By April, I was fully obsessed.  All this, from a woman who got so SICK-AND-TIRED of “dog people” always talking about their dogs like they are CHILDREN and OHMIGOSH, can you PLEASE stop discussing your dog’s health problems and behavior issues at the lunch table because NO ONE CARES!!!
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

So….that is some of what you can expect to find here.  If this doesn’t sound like your bag, then no harm, no foul.  And there’s no need to send me a comment on that.


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