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Do you remember that Christmas where I was going to my in-laws, and so we made a plan to exchange gifts with my family the Saturday before Christmas and my sister-in-law was going to host except then her three kids got sick and she got sick and on the Thursday before the gathering she told me that she wasn’t up for hosting and we were the pinch-hitters and I came home and stuffed all our crap in closets and did a few loads of laundry and wrapped a few more gifts and moved our dining room table into our living room and added a card table and some leaves and pulled our china out of boxes in the basement and then on Friday my husband came home and found that the dog had eaten three bags of chocolate chips and vomited chocolate barf all over the basement and we spent the evening cleaning up choco-barf and taking the dog to the vet where he immediately dumped his anal glands on the floor and barked at the vet like he was going to go for the jugular and then we came home and spent the night cleaning up some more and then we got up and cooked a turkey and a meal like we weren’t still nauseated from the dog vomit and then almost the whole family came and we opened gifts and we read books to the little ones and we played with new games and toys and when everyone left my mom and step-dad and I drove around for an hour and a half and looked at Christmas lights and they thanked me, even though they know that my husband doesn’t like to drive aimlessly to look at Christmas lights and it was a treat for me and then we came home and drank wine and sat on the couch in the dining room and decided that it actually makes a cute little den and decided to keep the rooms switched for awhile and then we went to bed and then we woke up and then they ate breakfast and left and then I cleaned up the whole house and then Christmas was over before it even really started?  Do you remember that Christmas?


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